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Research PowerPoint Project | Get Quick Solution
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The Assignment

Students are expected to choose some aspect of a current culture/group of people and complete a RESEARCH PROJECT. This project is designed to research health issues, nutritions issues, exercise habits, cultures effecting health and wellbeing, economic states, etc…of a specific group of people. Groups/Cultures can be as specific as North Koreans or as general as African Americans. Examples include: Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Latin American, Costa Rican, Southern Americans, Italians, Indians, Native American, Pima Indians. The students are expected to turn in a power point to the submission link given. THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER!!!! Project means you may incorporate pictures, text, interviews, charts etc… PLEASE BE CREATIVE.


  1. 25 slides
  2. Required slides: Title Slide with your name and class, Topic Slide, Reference slide
  3. 3 or more articles or studies that you researched on your own.
  4. 5 or more references supporting your topic. References should be listed in you reference slide. If you have less than 5, you will not get credit for your reference slide. Examples of references, besides your 3 articles and/or studies, would be statistics, charts, images, statements or facts relating to your topic. Make sure to reference in the slide containing the information.



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