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Respond to 2 classmates
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1.Class – I found this interesting video about using data driven strategies to affect crime. What are your thoughts?

2. To have statistical significance in a data set could mean that the results obtained after a trial or treatment for example, had some sort sort of effect. However, we cannot determine solely on the first trial how much of an effect the the sample had on the population. Correlation coefficient can be used in statistics by looking at data acquired and can be interpreted in a scatter plot by having more than one samples. In a data set placed on a scatter plot, one can then see the slope of that data set to see whether the correlation is either positive, negative or zero. We can use statistical inference to draw a conclusion or an educated prediction from a sample taken from a larger population. Because it can be quite difficult to run a survey for example from a large population of 100,000 people, we can pick a much smaller sample within that population and conduct the survey. Based on the results from the sample, we can make an educated prediction for the rest of the population.


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