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Respond to 2 classmates | Get Quick Solution
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1.A budget is vitally important whether it be for personal or professional means.

With that being said, I feel that upper management and accounting should be the ones responsible for budget making. If anything, upper management needs to be the ones to decide on how the budget should be written out and how to execute it and accounting should at least be kept in the loop so they can inform upper management if things are impossible or which tasks will take longer to complete since that is their sole job.

The less people that are involved with budget making, the better. You want to ensure that there are not too many chiefs and not enough indians when planning a budget. I feel that there should be a monthly budget meeting with all responsible parties present or at least the head of the departments present so that month to month everyone can make sure they are on the same page and that they are all tracking the same issues. Having a monthly meeting also gives everyone a chance to determine if some things are working better than others and if other experiments should be scrapped which will ultimately help enhance or grow any criminal justice budget.

2.These administrators are straightforwardly responsible to the directorate, and are answerable for introducing last spending recommendations to the board for authentic endorsement. It is significant to have a group and systems with regards to spending making to protect everything is represented and it is the best choice for the business. The CFO, regulator or equal leader is at last answerable for dealing with the organization’s accounts, including high level financial plans. The Budget Division of the Department of Economic Affairs in the fund service is the nodal body liable for creating the Budget.


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