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please respond to jan

What Makes a Good Teacher?

  1. The teacher must be a good listener/eye contact when appropriate
  2. The teacher must be kind, gentle, understanding
  3. The teacher must be consistent
  4. The teacher must be honest
  5. The teacher should speak in a low calm voice
  6. The teacher should be engaging, asking open ended question
  7. The teacher should be energetic not lethargic
  8. The teacher should be dependable, reliable
  9. It is also important for the teacher to be flexible

In order to build relationships with children teachers need to be able to understand what the child is going through at all times. It is important that the teachers know each child and what their likes and dislikes are. Asking the child personal questions about their pets or family members to personalize the conversation and help the child to feel important is crucial to the child teacher relationship. Young children’s minds are constantly growing and working and may be over stimulated at times. Teachers need to understand this and be mindful of the things that are going through their minds as they are learning. Teachers need to say what they mean and mean what they say are remain consistent with the children. The teacher should be consistent so that the child will feel safe and secure in their learning environment. The children need to know that they have a dependable person that they can always count on. The teacher should use open-ended questions when speaking to the children in order to get the child to use their minds and vocabulary and practice the skills of communication. Allowing the children to guide the activities and work on projects with only minimal guidance from the teacher is also very important to the development of the child. The teacher may use scaffolding to assist the child only when it is necessary, allowing the child to guide the activities when possible.


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