Responding to an opinion related to sociology | Get Quick Solution

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Responding to an opinion related to sociology | Get Quick Solution
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Response needs to be pertinent and of substance.Must substantiate your responses.

Must be respectfully and worthy of intelectual honesty ,sincerity,and humanity

Responses must be a minimum of 150 words.

Must read this responses and give opinions!!! :

First response:

After watching the video and reading chapter 4, in which according to cultural anthropologists and sociologists, social learning or culture and not biology accounts for differences among people. What this exactly means is that this is called culture that consists of the values, beliefs, systems of language, communication, and practices that people share in common and that can be used to define them as a collective. Establishing that culture also includes the material objects that are common to that group or society showing that among different cultures they can be different but are more equal to their relative context also known as cultural relativism. An example of culture would be many people associate Italy with pizza and pasta. Yet, many Italians eat many other foods, and types of pasta dishes vary throughout Italy.

When someone or myself encounters a culture different from ours, by using cultural relativity we can analyze and understand a culture’s beliefs and practices from that culture’s point of view. What occurs when we use our own culture to understand what we are seeing is called ethnocentrism we are applying our own culture as a frame of reference to judge other cultures, practices, behaviors, beliefs, and people, instead of using the standards of the particular culture involved. For instance, some cultures eat fried crickets instead of thinking, “Fried crickets are disgusting! ” one should instead ask, “Why do some cultures eat fried insects?”.

Being culturally relative lead to overlooking human rights because some cultural tradition that has been done and passed on for several years often violates human rights. As it was shown in the video with female genital cutting. This showed us how it is courteous to go along with other cultural traditions such as rituals; but, female genital cutting violates one’s human rights.

I believe human rights are defined by ourselves as individuals. It is simple for individuals to determine what is wrong or right based off on their morals and beliefs, although, this does not significantly establish that they are right based on the view of their behavior. It is quite difficult to establish if you are discriminating or just unaware of some culture’s practices/traditions. Yet, when a culture’s a practice/tradition puts an individual in danger, I believe this is when it is acceptable to ignore a culture’s practice/tradition and have the person be safe rather than harmed.

Second response:

What it means as to cultural anthropologists and sociologists, social learning or culture, and not biology accounts for different people is how we are raised and the culture our parents have taught us, everyone comes from a different culture. For example, as in the videos, noodles how in America slurping is rude, put in Japan is not. In my culture slurping soup is bad manners, but in other countries is not. It depends on how you take the situation, in my part, I could deal with it, even if it may bother me, but some people may not bother them. Another example is blowing on food, in my culture I do it, but many people think is rude. My mom did it to cool down my food when I was a baby, it depends on your culture. When I encounter a culture different from mine and I cultural relatively to understand by just ignore it or get used to it, cause we all have different ways to deal with the situation. And have to do the best to don’t pay attention, when it deals with friends or co-workers you have to accommodate to the atmosphere. An example of food cultural relativity lead to a different conclusion than ethnocentrism, it can lead to a different understanding by how you wanted to view and just respect their beliefs or deal with ethnocentrism is different since you only believe in your culture is the only one and nothing else matter than your own. Culturally relative lead to overlooking human rights issues, yes because in some countries people don’t have human rights, people have arranged marriage, no free speech, culture really affects human rights. Who defines human rights? human rights are rights you have based on the country you are living in. I know when the behavior is right or wrong by knowing what we did. You know you are being discriminated by how you get treated, and the mood of the place. Being discriminatory by your acts, and how you may be offended the person. I could ignore to protect people if the other person is in danger, or doing something illegally.


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