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Response 7 | Get Quick Solution
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To begin this assignment, compose your Response 7 by addressing the following requirements:

  1. Read all of the assigned essays (Gopnik), and respond to the following:
  2. In the opening sentences, give the author’s full name and “Essay Title” in a complete sentence.
  3. Give your reactions, opinions, and thoughts about the material.
  4. You need not mention the author again unless you quote or summarize the material.
  5. If you give the author’s name again, use last name only.
  6. If you use the author’s words (quote) or ideas (summary), cite both in text and bibliographically.

***Write your answer in a short paragraph (250+ words).

Things to consider when writing:

Be sure to mention the title of the work to which you are responding, the author, and the main thesis of the text, using correct English for the first sentence of your paper.

Respond with your ideas. What do you think?

Be sure, also, to avoid plagiarism. While you can summarize an idea from the author or borrow a quote, you must also make sure that you parenthetically and bibliographically cite the essay using MLA format.

The basic bibliographic formula for our responses’ essays will look like this:

Author Last, First Name. “Article Title.” Periodical Title, Date Month Year, url.

We will cover more bibliographic citation methodology in the coming Modules.

Any idea, thought, word, or phrase from the original source must be cited.

Reading responses need to be 250 words in length. They should be titled and follow MLA conventions.


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