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revise the article | Get Quick Solution
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revise the article

is usually not enough to think about a topic as something that exists isolated by itself. Virtually every topic is also connected to texts about that topic, readers and writers involved with that topic, and broader issues. In other words, topics and writing about topics exist inside complex circumstances. Successful writers are sometimes instinctively aware of these circumstances and do not have to think about them. However, they usually are not aware of some important aspects, so they spend time thinking about them before they set out to write.

In this project, you will write a rhetorical analysis of an article about a topic of your choosing. You will use one of the frameworks that we have already discussed in class for your analysis. You will first choose a topic on your own, and then you will find a high-quality article about the chosen topic. In your paper, you will write a detailed rhetorical analysis. Just like the previous Inquiry, you will summarize your article only in the paper introduction, and the body of the paper will be a full analysis using one of the two models. Use a different model from the one that you used in Inquiry 1.

You may use one or more other sources (articles, books, videos, etc.) that provide information about the topic in order to be better understand the topic and the rhetoric of the article you are analyzing. You can wait until after the first draft is finished to find and read these additional sources. However, you may not include other writers’ rhetorical analyses among those sources.

The final paper will be three to four pages long, following the proper formatting described in the syllabus and not counting references.


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