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revising my apology letter | Get Quick Solution
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way shouldn’t professor mike fail me”

I begin to write my letter to write for you, my apologetic to the satisfied you and give me another chance and promise you that regret will never come . what prevent me from coming that class was the time fluctuated from the Easter holiday , even I had a test on statistical analysis that day at 8:45 but I couldn’t make it also .after all i was about to send you an email regarding that matter but I felt shy to send because the word sorry wouldn’t be enough for apologies. the accumulated homework and falling to the back this semester wasn’t my behavior at all. but i thinks there is a execration that happening to me this term and crises when it comes it comes together at the same time it doesn’t give you a rest of time so you can figure out what going one and how to find a contingency plan to at least solve what I can solve with the minimum risk. I promise myself that if my sponsor will extend my scholarship for the upcoming semester I will thrilled them with my grades and my improvement, definitely with a big help from you and with you advice and last but not least you motivation. because together we can make it. I think no one has ever succeed without failing behind and does mistake so often.


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