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Fall 2018 Piano Concert Series- Piano Recital Featuring Students

There was my first time at a piano concert in the school, which was organized by the advanced and piano ensemble classes. When I saw these invited students coming into the scene, I could feel their energetic atmosphere. In this concert, the students mainly played music in different piano masterpieces in each era, and these piano songs thoroughly explained the social phenomenon of the time, so that the listeners could better enjoy the process.

The beginning of the recital was a girl who was close to me to play her repertoire, and her collection was from French Suite IV, BWV 815 from Johann Sebastian Bach. In this episode, she uses two parts to interpret the music. The first part is Allemande. The music melody in this part is cheerful, pleasant and energetic, and the rhythm is to maintain this coordination and smoothness, which makes the audience very eager to listen. The second part is Courante. This part is quietly opposite to the first part. The melody and rhythm are both smooth and gentle, giving a sense of comfort and a feeling of being willing to listen. The next song to be played is To a Wild Rose from Edward Macdowell. When I heard this song, I felt that this piano piece is a bit like a lullaby in my mother’s embrace of being shackled, the melody of this song. It’s not the kind of light and energetic rhythm, but when you hear this track, you will be willing to listen.


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