Rhetorical Analysis Final and related assignment | Get Quick Solution

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Rhetorical Analysis Final and related assignment | Get Quick Solution
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  • You first my insurance comment

Overall, good start on your rhetorical essay. Please have your thesis be the last sentence of the first paragraph.

Please review the assignment and look at the comments I have made on your rough draft.

Refer to the author as McArdle.

Good start of a thesis, but I would suggest you revise what you have to include more about her rhetorical devices use. Maybe something more like: “McArdle gives a good explanation of why college is not for everyone through her use of ethos, word choice, and rhetorical questions.”

Once you revise your thesis, make sure your paragraphs follow the same order that you have in your thesis.

Your thesis could also mention any of these rhetorical devices: pathos, logos, imagery, ethos, repetition, rhetorical questions, word choice, and allusions.

Make sure to add in quotes to support your main points.

Remember, all paragraphs in your body section need to have topic sentences. The topic sentence connects back to your thesis. For example, if you had a paragraph focused on ethos, your topic sentence could be: McArdle uses various forms of ethos to support her main argument.

Also remember to focus on the structure of her argument and not her actual argument.

I will make comments on your draft of places where I think you need to add or delete. Please read those comments. Email me with any questions or concerns

  • Second Noel Studio Rachel (CEC)

I really love the tone of this paper. It is very academic-sounding.You’ve also done a great job picking out rhetorical devices and discussing how McArdlue uses them.


*The main element of this paper should be your argument whether or not McArdle was successful in persuading her audience based on the rhetorical devices that she uses. This may be easier for you if you narrow down 3 devices that she uses. *Right now in your paper, you identify diction, tone, appeals, evidence, and style. This is a very wide window that may not be able to be fully explained in 3-4 pages, since you also have to add in your own argument about her effectiveness. *I recommend narrowing your thesis using the T.O.E. method from the asynchronous module in Week 6 on Blackboard. This is Topic (Megan McArdle and The Bursting of the College Bubble), Opinion (was successful, was not successful) and Evidence (which rhetorical strategies are you going to focus on? Again, I recommend 3). *Then in your body paragraphs, you will need to focus on each evidence that you list. So you will need 1-2 paragraphs about word choice. Explain how McArdle uses it, give direct quotes of where you find it in her article, and then explain if her use of this helped her succeed in persuading her audience, and why. *You do a lot of that in your paper, but you just need to narrow it down so that you can more clearly put forth your argument. Create distinct sections for each rhetorical device in the body of your paper

Student Comment

Hi, Your eassay is very good, I like your vocabulary that you use in the text . Have a good structure and I think that you can talk a little much of the appeals. Also you use very well the cituations in the text.

Second assignment (she did not ask for words)

I would appreciate feedback about your experience using the Discussion Boards for the peer-review. I would like to know what you thought of the experience. I am interested in your feedback and opinion of this experience. What went well?What was frustrating about this experience? Any other comments?

I am planning on 1-2 more peer-reviews and am looking into other ways to conduct a peer-review. Did you like using the Discussion Boards? Would you prefer something else? Any suggestions on how to make this a better experience? I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Third assignment

Please post a 1-2 paragraphs about the experience of having Rachel (CEC) provide feedback on your rough draft. Based on her comments, what changes did you make to your essay?

Fourth assignment

  1. Look over the student comments on your rough draft. List the overall comments and suggestions that you received, and identify those that you will use in revising your draft and any that you disagree with or do not understand.
  2. Look over the comments instructor made on your rough draft. What revisions did you make based on those comments?
  3. Evaluate your workshop experience, including what worked well and what could be improved.
  4. If you didn’t participate in the peer-review workshop, reflect on your revision process or how you figured out what to improve.


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