Rhetorical Analysis (Watchmen, Chapters 4-6), Quiz #5: Watchmen, Chapters 4-6, AND Critical Response #5 | Get Quick Solution

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Rhetorical Analysis (Watchmen, Chapters 4-6), Quiz #5: Watchmen, Chapters 4-6, AND Critical Response #5 | Get Quick Solution
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Rhetorical Analysis (Watchmen, Chapters 4-6)

WATCHMEN BOOK LINK https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jvX3WQhrf78keV2GWyxfEanMMUve1LzX?usp=sharing

Now that you have read Chapters 4-6 of Watchmen along with the supplemental materials that follow each chapter (pages 110-211 in our edition for this class), come up 2-3 examples where a rhetorical appeal or strategy is being used by the author, illustrator, or colorist. Be sure to indicate the chapter/section and page number, and also explain which strategy is being used, and why. Include at least one image from the graphic novel to help illustrate what you are discussing. (This can be a screenshot, Google Searched Image, or Cell Phone Image). Please make sure you are embedding the images, not attaching them, since you don’t want students to have to download anything. Check out the tutorial below before embedding an image in this discussion post. Below are some sample questions to take into consideration for your talking points in this discussion. Feel free to choose whichever one you want to focus on:

  • Which rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) are used to build characters within the story?
  • Are there any fallacies used intentionally by the writer to demonstrate that a character has faulty logic? (In this case, the use of fallacies could be strategic, not an error.)
  • Are certain colors used to enhance emotions (the appeal to pathos), such as fear, happiness, sadness, nostalgia, outrage, etc.?
  • Are certain objects or the expressions/movements of characters used to enhance or demonstrate the emotions of characters (appeal to pathos)?
  • How is the story organized (which strategies were used), and does it enhance or detract from the plot?
  • Which literary devices are used to enhance the dialogue, the plot, or characterization?
  • NOTE: This post, as all of your discussion posts this semester, should be 200-500 words

Quiz #5: Watchmen, Chapters 4-6

Please make sure you have read Chapters 4-6 of Watchmen and the supplemental material (pages 110-211) that follows each chapter before you take this quiz.

This quiz will not have a time limit, and you will have two attempts to take this quiz. The highest quiz score will be automatically saved by Canvas.

Quiz will be 20 questions

Critical Response #5

Now that you have learned how to embed an image in a document, submit a critical response where you practice rhetorically analyzing Watchmen. In this response, submit a “sample” body paragraph (that you can hopefully draw from when crafting Essay #2), where you choose one rhetorical strategy to analyze, such as: appeal to pathos in order to heighten the readers’ emotions; use of fallacy to help develop a character; use of literary devices, such as symbolism, to help develop the story’s themes; organizational strategies (either in plot or visual panels, or both) to help develop the story line; appeal to logos or ethos to help develop a character; etc. In this body paragraph (150-350 words), include the following:

  • A topic sentence or claim that identifies which strategy is being analyzed and who is responsible (Moore, Gibbons, or Higgins). Highlight this sentence green.
  • At least two examples from the story. One must include an embedded image for reference. For each example, be sure to include a parenthetical citation with Chapter, Page, and Panel numbers. Example: (Chapter III, Page 21, Panels 6-7).
  • For each example, be sure to explain why it represents that rhetorical strategy and whether it was effective and why.
  • The word count as a 5th line in your heading.

*You need to submit a PDF file for this assignment since your embedded image sometimes causes Word documents and Google Docs to not appear correctly.



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