RWS280: The U.S. should Adopt Income Based Loan Now/(Proposal Arguments)Writing Essay

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RWS280: The U.S. should Adopt Income Based Loan Now/(Proposal Arguments)Writing Essay
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The reading: “The U.S. Should Adopt Income-Based Loans Now” by Kevin Carey published in the Chronicle of Higher Education on Oct. 23, 2011

In this first section,
the topic is focused
whether or not
the government should do more to relieve student-loan burden. It gives us
a brief
overview of this controversial issue and introduces specific aspects of proposal arguments. Remember, a proposal argument is where an author states a position (thesis) surrounding a specific problem and then proposes a solution to that problem. The focus of this prompt is on identifying the basic elements of a rhetorical analysis.

The Prompt: Write a rhetorical analysis of Kevin Carey’s article, focusing on identifying and detailing the following three parts:

  • In Part 1, you will need to detail the author’s project: purpose, goal, stylistic choice
    s), overall strategy and (for a grade higher than a C) a general activity.. You will also need to identify the publication’s audience. Where the article
    was published
    will tell you about who this audience is, including age and gender of its readers,
    as well as
    level. This information will help you understand why the author made certain decisions about why and how he presented his article. We will discuss this in class. Be sure to take notes.
  • For part 2, you must identify one of the supporting claims in Carey’s article, and then identify and analyze the evidence used to prove, support or illustrate that claim. You must also
    the effectiveness of this evidence on the reader. We will identify Carey’s thesis statement, all supporting claims and evidence in class. Again, take notes!
  • For part 3,
    you’ll need to
    identify where Carey addresses one of the opposition’s claims (also called the counter-argument or prolepsis) and how Carey refutes this claim. You also need to identify the evidence he uses to support or illustrate his refutation/response and
    its effectiveness.

I will provide a Writing Strategy for this prompt which you can use to organize and structure your essay, and you can use it as a checklist for your essay. Since I am using the rhetorical strategy of enumeration for this prompt, the Writing Strategy is especially helpful since it gives you more detailed information about how to present and develop each part of the prompt. It will also give you information on what you need to do for a C, B or A paper. Be sure to pay attention to your paragraph structure (see the Basic Academic Outline Handout posted on Blackboard under Course Docs), and edit your entire essay for any grammatical and mechanical errors.
You will not be required
to include
a Works
Cited page for this essay, but you
need to include the in-text references for all quotes and/or paraphrases.
Feel free to meet
with me (or the tutor) if you are having difficulties with any part of the prompt. For those of you who struggle with reading comprehension and/or grammar/mechanics, be SURE to meet with the tutor

LENGTH: 4 TO 7 pgs


the following abilities:

the arguments/claims and supporting material presented in written texts,

incorporate an author’s text into your own essay to support and extend your own ideas,

3) use critical reading and thinking strategies to
a public written text,

4) analyze
some of the
elements of academic texts—particularly argument, genre, and purpose,

5) articulate in writing key rhetorical concepts,

6) explore the significance of texts to oneself,

7) format a simple manuscript (page margins, appropriate font style and size, paragraph indentation, block style, etc.),

8) edit your own writing for grammar, mechanics, and usage appropriate to various writing situation, 9) critique your own and others’ texts to develop your abilities in academic writing

.This prompt is asking the student to write a rhetorical analysis of an article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Kevin Carey. The student is expected to detail the author’s project, including its purpose, goal, stylistic choices, overall strategy, and general activity. They are also expected to identify the publication’s audience and evaluate one of the supporting claims in the article, including the evidence used to support it and its effectiveness on the reader. The student must also identify and analyze the opposition’s claims and how the author refutes them, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the evidence used to support the refutation. The student should use the provided writing strategy and pay attention to paragraph structure and grammar and mechanics in their essay. The essay should be 4 to 7 pages long and should demonstrate the student’s ability to evaluate arguments, incorporate an author’s text into their own essay, use critical reading and thinking strategies, analyze elements of academic texts, articulate key rhetorical concepts, explore the significance of texts, format a manuscript, edit their own writing, and critique their own and others’ texts………


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