Scientific Writing/Lab Report on Alkaline Phosphatase | Browse Solutions

Refer to the “Science Writing Guide” (file attached below) in your lab manual for additional details for each of the lab report sections listed below.
Please include a subheading for each section (abstract, introduction, results, discussion, literature cited, results figures) so that your TA can easily distinguish between sections.
The lab report must include:
A descriptive title relevant to the project
An abstract that summarizes the whole project (i.e. all of Exercise 5 (Includes Exercise 5A, 5B, and 5C- all to which are attached) The abstract should contain all five of the elements described in the “Science Writing Guide – Lab Report” in your lab manual.

An introduction that provides the reader with the significance and adequate background information about the project. The introduction should contain:Broad backgroundWhat relevant past work has been done by other researchers on your topic?
Why is it significant and interesting?

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Scientific Writing/Lab Report on Alkaline Phosphatase | Browse Solutions
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What is still unknown about your topic?What questions have not been resolved by other researchers?
What questions are researchers still resolving?

What question does your study seek to answer?
The hypothesis of your study
How are you going to test your hypothesisA brief summary of the techniques you will be using.
A brief summary of your expected/predicted results.

A results section (one paragraph) that describes the main results that test your hypothesis The results section must be written in paragraph form and should be distinct from the figure captions.
The results section should succinctly describe your results from the pH assay(5B) and the SDS PAGE (5C) experiments.
Your results section should not include any interpretations or conclusions drawn from the results.

A results figures section that has all of the results from the pH optimum (2 graphs) and the PAGE experiments (3 fully labeled gels)The results figures should be on separate pages after the literature cited section. They should NOT be integrated/embedded into the text of the assignment.
Download the protein ladder used for the SDS PAGE experiment (file attached below)

A discussion section (1 – 2 paragraphs) with information from at least one peer-reviewed source (in text citations required)The discussion section should include the conclusions you can draw from the results, specifically about the hypothesis.
The discussion section should also include the significance/impact of the results and future directions.
You may use the same peer-reviewed sources you used for the introduction.

A literature cited sectionYou should cite the lab manual (The lab manual consists of all the Exercises that are attached below. I’ve attached a picture of the front of the lab manual for citing purposes) and all of the peer reviewed sources you used in the lab report (there must be at least 2 peer reviewed sources (ex. Google Scholar search engine). Please make sure these peer-reviewed sources would be viable for the assignment.
Reminder: the lab manual should be cited as a book

Do not include a methods section in this assignment.
The lab report should not be longer than 5 pages, double spaced. The five page limit does not include the literature cited section or the results figures, however it does include the abstract and the title. Refer to the rubric below to determine how the lab report will be evaluated.
*Important Notes*
For Exercise 5C you will see that there is a table that is empty. I will upload the completed table with answers by the end of the day. I figured I would post this assignment now for you to get started.
In the file attached labeled “Exercise 5B Post Lab Assignment”- There is data in there that will be needed to make a chart for this report. Please refer to the paragraph under the chart in this file for more details
Please read all directions carefully and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
I said the assignment needs to be done in a day… but i can extend an extra 12 hours if needed (36 hours is not an option on study pool)
Thank you so much!


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