?Selection of an Organization for the Final Project

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?Selection of an Organization for the Final Project
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Selection of an Organization for the Final Project

For the course project’s hypothetical scenario, you are employed in a human behavioral organization in a position where you create ethical policies to address harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence. For this assignment, you will select the organization you will focus on for the final project. Your paper should include the following:

  • Identify an appropriate organization that is relevant to the field of human behavior. Use the American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Describe why the organization is of personal or professional interest. I’m a clinical psych degree holder an duse to be a intern there as well I’m an active APA member.
  • Describe what the writer hopes to learn or accomplish from exploring the ethical policies of this company.

Before starting your work, review the course project description. Keep the requirements listed there in mind as you decide what organization to select for your final project. You should also review the scoring guide for this assignment before starting, to ensure that you understand the criteria by which your work will be evaluated.

When reviewing the final project, remember that it is about you and how you want to incorporate the skills and ethics that you learn in this course into your own work and policy development.


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