Seminar Interdisciplinary Studies

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Seminar Interdisciplinary Studies
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My topic is What are the factors that influence the use of narcotics and other substances by adolescents ? DONT TALK TO MUCH ABOUT PEER PRESURE TO MUCH..

Besides peer pressure there is depression , bullying, environment, advertisements, self medication , boredom , instant gratification & lack of confidence.

Literature Review

Resources for the senior thesis literature search must be scholarly in nature, relying heavily on peer-reviewed and empirical sources not blogs or .com websites. Essentially what I am looking for in this first major research project benchmark (worth 20 points) is a minimum of a dozen or so scholarly sources (not just some random websites or magazine/periodical articles). The JOURNAL articles should be current – meaning within the last few years. All sources selected are clearly relevant to the purpose and the relevance is clearly articulated. If you need help form the university library – consult:

Either option should be approximately 8-10 typed 1-inch X 1-inch, double-spaced pages using 12-pitch font that include a title page, level one headers, and proper APA format. NO Block Quotes (direct quotes that are longer than 40 words – synthesize or use an ellipsis . . . ).


INTRODUCTION (of the clearly defined topic & the context for research is provided) 10 points

SYNTHESIS (of what is already known on the topic, including gaps in and/or limitations of the 25 points

research & demonstrates insight into the problem)

ANALYSIS (includes a variety of sources & conclusions are strongly supported) 25 points

CONCLUSION (summary of the topic) 5 points

QUALITY OF REFERENCES (12 or more relevant AND appropriate from high-quality

journals & publications sources) 15 points

WRITING (writing is clear and concise; ideas are well-developed, coherent, & error free) 10 points

FORMAT (follows APA style manual; effectively uses quotations & citations; smooth

transitions; adheres to required length) 10 points


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