Senior Capstone: Summarize articles

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Senior Capstone: Summarize articles
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Summarize the five (5) articles you collected last week and provide a citation for each (using APA format). In your brief summary, note the problem being addressed, how the research was done and the main findings.

Devorkin, M. (2018). Vera Lopez: Complicated Lives: Girls, Parents, Drugs and Juvenile Justice. Journal of Youth & Adolescence, 47(7), 1553–1555.

Khurana, A., Cooksey, E. C., & Gavazzi, S. M. (2011). Juvenile Delinquency and Teenage Pregnancy: A Comparison of Ecological Risk Profiles Among Midwestern White and Black Female Juvenile Offenders. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 35(2), 282–289.

Kali N. Gross, & Cheryl D. Hicks. (2015). Introduction—Gendering the Carceral State: African American Women, History, and the Criminal Justice System. The Journal of African American History,100(3), 357-365. doi:10.5323/jafriamerhist.100.3.0357

Strang, H. (2017). Experiments in restorative justice. In DRAHOS P. (Ed.), Regulatory Theory: Foundations and applications (pp. 483-498). Acton ACT, Australia: ANU Press. Retrieved February 11, 2020, from

5th rticle is attached.
Brief summary 7-10 sentences for each article.


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