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I need an explanation for this Social Science question to help me study.

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sharing best practices response | Get Quick Solution
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please response to 2 people Respond to at least 2 of your colleagues with a question, connection, or suggestion.please respond with 400 words 200 words for each response


To help Mason get back on track, I would try to understand why he is having difficulty reading the examples and copying them down. Does he need additional guidance with decoding, etc., or can he not read the examples because he can’t see the board? Does he have difficulty copying the sentences because, again, he can’t see the board, or does he frequently lose his spot from looking back and forth between the board and his paper? If the purpose of the grammar warm up is to make corrections based on the grammar focus rather than a student’s copying ability, then I would likely provide every student with a paper copy of the grammar warm up, which would actually provide more instruction time that would’ve been eaten up by having the students copy the sentences themselves. Having a paper copy may help Mason stay focused without having to look up and down constantly. It may also be beneficial to Mason if he work with a partner to complete the task until he feels more confidant in his grammar correcting skills.

michael T

To get Mason back on track I would try several strategies. I would begin by differentiating the morning assignment. I would have the sentences already typed out for Mason so that all he needs to do is put in the correct punctuation marks. Also, I would modify the number of sentences that Mason must complete, i.e. 2 instead 3 or 3 instead of 5, etc. If he very active in the morning, maybe a structured walk or errand is warranted, where he can delver the attendance to main office or something of that nature. It will allow him to walk several minutes to get himself together so his prepared to focus on his morning work. Also, maybe there’s a space within the classroom that Mason can go to complete his work so that he is not inclined to distract his peers.


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