Sharing Best Practices: Rituals & Routines | Get Quick Solution

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Sharing Best Practices: Rituals & Routines | Get Quick Solution
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for this assignment respond to the following: Please respond with 400 words

Mason is in 3rd grade. His teacher begins her morning routine with a grammar warm up each day. During the warm up, the students must copy 3-5 sentences from the promethean board into their journals and make corrections to the sentences based on the weekly grammar focus. It has been reported to Mason’s parents that he has difficulty staying in his seat, talks to his peers and often distracts them. The teacher decides to start sending Mason out of the room to the counselor or the office during this time, however his behavior only gets worse. The team decides to develop an FBA to figure out the root of the problem. After collecting and analyzing the data, the team learns that Mason is having difficulty reading the material presented because he cannot read the examples and has difficulty copying them down. His behavior was to avoid the task.

  • How would you help Mason get back on track?


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