Short Writing Assignment Four, Visual Analysis | Get Quick Solution

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Short Writing Assignment Four, Visual Analysis | Get Quick Solution
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1. Read the article posted below in this folder, “How to Analyze Film and Television Shows.”

2. Watch the M.I.A. video posted below in this folder. Watch the visual analysis video essay on the M.I.A. video also posted in this folder. WARNING: This song is a commentary on women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia due to religious and political reasons (this summer, a law was passed permitting women to drive, but the song was released several years before the law changed).

M.I.A. criticizes Islam for the treatment of women. If you find the content of the video objectionable, simply skip this step. It is not required.

3. Select and watch a music video (from anywhere–there is no folder or bank of videos in our course site). Please do not complete the rest of your assignment on the M.I.A. video above: you need to find your own video to analyze for this assignment.

4. Using some of the elements of visual analysis explained in the reading in #1, analyze the video you find (notthe video posted here!). Write down (informally–you can use bullet points) your analysis.

Your work should be 2 full pages in length.

How to Analyze Film and Television Shows

Analyzing “Bad Girls” by M.I.A.

Sample Professional Multimedia Digital Writing Examples


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