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Simple response to 2 post for discussion HW | Get Quick Solution
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Respond what interest you or grabs your attention about the post

Post 1.) The Pike County Home Health and Hospice begins by partnering with physicians in providing booklet information to determine if a client would meet program qualifications. The agency must considered the guidelines of medicare and other insurance when completing the application process. At intake it must be determined that the client has 6-months or less without aggressive treatments and the physician has completed the consent, and has a capable caregiver available to assist in the assessment and documentation process. Once the physician documentation is received, insurance is submitted the patient and family can proceed. If the family is unable to pay, the agency files for financial support from the agency foundation. Also, clients must reside within the five counties in which they serve. During the planning stages the patient/family/physician or facility are apart of setting realistic goals for managed care. When the planning stage begins to determine what services the patient or family would need, is dependent on the clients time limits. The planning stages offers integrative services such as symptom management for mental health, physical and spiritual concerns. Furthermore, end of life education services are included as well as emotional support for bereavement. Bereavement support is continuum care for up to one year after and longer if requested. Through these phases the agency uses communication to help build the foundation for trust.

One of the question I would ask the case manager in this position would be “how do you take care of self and process grieve so that you are in the now with your clients?” Secondly, what type of training or certification beyond Social Work licensing is needed for this type of social service. Finally, while practicing in a rural community, what are some barriers in finding resources to meet the families needs?”

Post 2.)The agency I chose was Cornerstones of Care. They assist children and families with prevention, treatment and support services. They help kids K-12 that have been removed from bad environments and assist them with building onto the skills they already have, to better their future. They also work with families who are interested in foster care and adoption, as well as kids who deal with mental and behavioral health issues. Cornerstones also offers training to people who would like to learn about how they can assist the children and families they work with. If I could speak to one of the staff here, I would ask them what sorts of questions they ask children and families before they help them. I would ask about the foster/adoption process, which is something I’ve looked into myself. I would ask them about some of thier success stories, as well as the cases where things didnt go over so well.


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