six pages needed for Sociology class in 14 days from now. | Get Quick Solution

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six pages needed for Sociology class in 14 days from now. | Get Quick Solution
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choose two from these topics below, each topic should has two pages and two references. Also 2 pages about corona virus with 2 references. total of 6 pages. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sociologists or Topics for Internet Articles


1.Howard Becker

2.Auguste Compte

3.Herbert Spencer

4.Karl Marx

5.Jane Addams

6.Robert Merton


7.Technology and Sociology

8.Sociology in the Workplace

9.Divorce in today’s society.

10.Death and Dying

11.Difference of two Leadership Styles

12.Status of United States Prisons

13.Deviance Issues

14.Crime in the United States

15.Poverty in the United States

16.Social Class

17.Racial Issues in the United States

18.Discrimination Issues

19.Prejudice Issues

20.Gender Differences

21.Issues with the Aging Population

22.Divorce in Society

23.Why people remain single

24.The issues of remarriage

25. Education issues in the United States

26. Healthcare in the United States today

27. Why men make more money than women in most cases

28. Challenges of finding work after age 50

29. How parental roles have changed over time

30. Health repercussions from using drugs

31. The death penalty

32. The media and gender

33. How socially weak are the elderly

34. Love in today’s society

35. Abortion in today’s society

36. Boomerang generation

37. Effects of Unemployment

38. Effects of Divorce on Children

39. Performance enhancing drugs in sports

40. Childcare in today’s society


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