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sleep daily | Get Quick Solution
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Sleep Diary – 1) For this activity you will need to complete the following sleep diary for two days: Sleep Diary. 2) After you complete the sleep diary summarize the main results of your diary. For example, on average how much sleep do you get a night? On average how many naps do you take? 3) Share what stood out the most to you. 4) Identify some specific examples of how your sleep habits may be impacting your academic performance. 5) Also, be sure to connect your results/summary to a key concept, idea or fact that you learned about this week. This connection can be made to information from our text or the options scholarly journal article reading: Early to bed, early to rise! Sleep habits and academic.pdf. Be sure to share specifically where the concept, idea or fact came from (e.g., On page of….). 6) Identify at least one thing you can do to improve your sleep.

  • Your post should have at least 5 sentences .


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