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Social Justice | Get Quick Solution
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Based on the Introduction and the first part of Ch. 1 from The Sins of the Nation and the Ritual of Apologies (pp. 1-26) — the RR for 2.24 — what do you think about “National Apologies”? Do heads of state have the right to apologize on behalf of their country? What about if they are apologizing for things that happened generations ago? Does this matter? Are there specific people who should be chosen to receive such apologies? Should descendants of those most affected by the act being apologized for represent/substitute for those no longer alive? If not, who should? Does it matter where the apologies take place (i.e., location)? Make sure to use material provided in this week’s reading in your CRP, and make sure it is clear to me you did this reading before writing the CRP

Plagiarism. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism of any kind—such as taking another’s words

and/or ideas from a book, another student, or from the internet without full and complete citation—is

unacceptable regardless of the circumstances. Assume you will receive a grade of an “F” if you are found

to have plagiarized. Also assume that you will be expelled from the university.

Plagiarism is (1) Using someone else’s words or ideas without proper documentation. This includes turning

in an entire paper that someone else wrote or any portion of someone else’s paper, even a single sentence

or a part of a sentence. (2) You cannot cut and paste a section from someone else’s work and change some

of the words without a citation. This is not “paraphrasing” but plagiarism. (3) You cannot copy a portion

of your text from another source without proper acknowledgement of the source, including any internet

source. (4) You cannot borrow another person’s ideas (even if you do not use the exact words) without

documenting the source. (5) You cannot turn in a paper written by another person, including essays

available on the internet and from other students’ papers. (6) When in doubt, cite the source of the

information you are using. In academia it is virtually impossible to overcite!!! For more information on

proper ways to write citations—whether following MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual Style (CMS)—see

document on Canvas at the very top of “Modules,” titled “MLA, APA, and CMS.


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