Social Norms in America

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Social Norms in America
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In the past, social norms in America allowed men to physically “punish” their wives, as they were effectively seen as property of the men. Of course, times have changed and we now generally recognize that such practices were sexist and terribly destructive. Do you believe we are moving in a similar direction when it comes to the physical punishment of children? Why or why not?


The purpose of the group discussion board is to provide the opportunity to work with your peers in discussing the course content and how it applies to the discussion board post.

  • Your responses must be posted to THIS group discussion board no later than Tuesday by 11:00pm.
  • Summary responses (i.e., a consensus post containing all of your responses) must be posted to the large group (i.e., entire class) discussion board no later than Friday by 11:00pm.

Discussion points (5) will be assigned for each week. In general, your class participation grade will be based on:

  • Answering all parts of the question (0.5 point)
  • Use of relevant readings (1.5 points)including assigned readings and the weekly PowerPoint presentation
  • Unique contribution of ideas (2 points)
    • Postings are original, use critical thinking, relate to the week’s topic, and are professional in tone
  • Synthesis of information (1 points)
    • Capacity to generate a synthesis of ideas or identify relationships between others’ ideas

In general, full points can only be awarded when students are engaged in an on-going basis in the discussion. One lengthy post will not be sufficient as the purpose of the discussion board is to exchange ideas among all of you. **We recommend that you post and respond AT LEAST three times during the week.

Other important notes:

1) Your group will need to choose one person to post a summary post/consensus . If you are responsible for posting the consensus, you must still participate in the discussion

2) You are generally graded based on your individual posts, not on the consensus post. However, if there appears to be a lack of effort or timeliness on the consensus post, then your score for the week may be reduced.

3) We do not grade the number of times that you post, but instead look for the quality of engagement over the week. You could post several times in one week, not address anything that we’re looking for, and receive few points despite a high frequency of posting.

4) Late Db posts will not be accepted. The Db is meant to mirror a class room discussion in a face to face class. If you post late it is the same as talking to an empty classroom.

5) When you post your Db do not attach a document that need to be uploaded, etc…Post in the space provided as this allows the “thread” to be viewed and this assists the flow of the discussion.

6) If at any time, there are concerns or issues within your group please let me know as soon as possible so we can work out any group issues or concerns. To be successful students need to actively engage in the discussion and group process.


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