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Social Norm Assignment

Social norms are prescribed rules for behavior which people follow.This assignment is designed for you to become aware of how many social norms exist that govern our actions. I want you to pick a social norm you would like to violate – which norm you pick, is up to you – and I want you to violate it.You should do this norm violation on your own. In other words, don’t tell anyone that’s with you what you’re doing or why you’re doing it; this is designed so that you can experience their reaction to your breaking the rules.(If you must tell them, try to wait at least 24 hours to do so).

Your answers should be submitted via Blackboard in APA format.This means Title Page, Abstract, Introduction + Body + Conclusion, References.This assignment is not to be taken lightly, should not be bullet pointed answers – Remember to introduce the concept of Social Norms – what are they, who coined the term, etc… This will help you to begin your paper – then you should describe the norm you violated, etc… This should also require you to have a reference at least for your textbook where you will get the definition for social norms..

More requires on the document, no words required.


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