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Social Psychology Unit 4 IP | Get Quick Solution
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You are on vacation in New York and ready to explore the downtown area. In the morning, you are walking down a very busy street and you see a man lying on the ground, shaking. Do you stop, or do you continue to walk by? You continue to walk down the street, and as you pass by an alley, you see a man and woman yelling loudly at each other. The man calls the woman a name and pushes her hard against a brick wall.

  • Explain whether you would help the person in either of these situations? Discuss further whether you would be more likely to stop and help in these two situations if you saw other people helping?
  • Based on previous discussion on bystander effect, explain some of the reasons why a bystander may not help in these two situations?
  • Discuss what the woman in the second situation could do so that the bystander is more likely to help her? Explain further why?
    Include at least

Include at least 1 source in your paper. Use in-text citations and a reference list according to APA style guidelines.


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