Social Scienece 189- Urban Legends | Get Quick Solution

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Social Scienece 189- Urban Legends | Get Quick Solution
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As part of the course assignments, you are required to complete a final project that
reflects on the major themes and questions developed throughout the quarter. This project
is due on Canvas on Friday, March 13 th at 11:59PM. ***LATE PROJECTS WILL
The portfolio will contain a collection of six urban legends (with extensive analysis)
covering each of our main subject areas (teen horrors, racial fears, conspiracy theories, supernatural stories, contamination/disease fears, technology fears).Your portfolio must

1) An Introductory Statement: This one-to-two page statement should detail your process
in finding and selecting your legends. It should also reflect on key class topics and
themes that aided in your understanding of these legends. (10 points)
2) Six personally collected narratives, with accompanying analysis. Each narrative
discussion should include the following:
• Basic background information, including the person or source from whom you
collected the narrative, and where that person in turn first heard it. Also, make a
concerted effort to locate the narrative’s folk origins through consultation of class
readings and/or internet inquiries. (30 points)
• Discuss what specific characteristics make this an urban
legend/legend/rumor/memorate/truth claim. (10 points)
• (Briefly) Narrative itself, including any variations or parallels found in class
readings/discussions. (10 points)
• Most importantly—One full page (or more) of analysis: How did this narrative
fit course themes? Is it believable, particularly to the storyteller? Does the
narrative hold an obvious social function or contain a clear moral message? Is it
conveying a sense of anxiety or fear? Use specific arguments and examples from
both our class discussions and readings in your analysis! (40 points)
Format: This is meant to be a creative assignment; choose the format the best fits your
set of legends. You may use illustrations, pictures, graphics, and specialized fonts at your
leisure. You are also required to provide a works cited page.
Topics: This portfolio offers the opportunity to select legend topics of your choice. I
encourage VARIETY, in both your sources and your themes. You must collect one
narrative from each major course theme from this quarter (supernatural legends, race
and urban legends, teen horror legends, travel/tourism/contamination legends,
conspiracy theories, or legends relating to media and technology). You may find
legends online, from friends and family, through library sources, or in the media. Do not
limit yourself to finding legends on snopes. At least four of the legends you collect must
come via oral transmission from friends, relatives, or other in-person interactions. If you
experience difficulty in finding sources, please come talk to me! You must cite all
sources (APA format preferred).
**Note: Please respect your respondents and their narratives. Use pseudonyms by
Grading: Your final portfolio is worth a whopping 40% of your final grade. Alex and I
will grade this final project based on your ability to fully engage and analyze the topics
covered during this quarter. Do not skimp on your analysis. Do not try to put together
your portfolio at the last minute. Exercise good judgment in your legend selections, and
take the time to put together a thoughtful, visually interesting portfolio.
Submission: This project is due on Friday, March 13
th by 11:59pm. Due to time
constraints, late portfolios will not be accepted. Although physical copies will be
allowed, we prefer that you submit your portfolio on our Canvas website.

I will also upload two previous papers from this course and its comments, as refrenece.


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