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social work discussion | Get Quick Solution
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In this module we have taken a look at some considerations for engaging and meeting with clients for the first time. We learned the importance of trauma-informed care and practice as a framework and we put ourselves in the shoes of the client who is coming to see us for the first time. Take a look at the questions below and follow the instructions to post and respond within your small groups.

Reflect and Post


  1. Think about a specific area of social work, population, or issue that you are interested in working with. What aspects of trauma-informed care would be important to consider and why? You should refer to the tutorial or handouts in your response.
  2. Using the GSU Library website, find one academic journal article that focuses on trauma and/or trauma-informed care in the same topic area as you chose for question 1 (above). Provide a short summary of the article, focusing on the points you find most important.
  3. Self-reflect on what you think you should be aware of or practice when engaging with a client for the first time. Describe two examples and explain why you chose them. (These could be things you feel you need to work on)

M4.6 Knowledge Application – Engaging with Clients

Note: You must make your post before you can see your group members’ posts.

Due by: 10/03/20 11:59 pm EST


After you post respond substantively to at least 2 of your classmates.

  • What stands out to you about your classmate’s post?
  • What comes up for you (emotionally, logically, irrationally) when you read their post?


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