Social Work Ethical Dilemma- weekly discussion | Get Quick Solution

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Social Work Ethical Dilemma- weekly discussion | Get Quick Solution
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Gail is a single parent who is raising two daughters. She has been trying to find a part-time job to supplement her meager child support income ever since her youngest entered kindergarten, but because she has no prior work experience she has been unsuccessful. Do to her inability to find a job, she has become discouraged and has developed a negative self-image, believing no one wants her for anything worthwhile.

This morning she excitedly told you that she has found a job. In describing her new position, you realize she is telling you about an employer who is known to exploit workers and pays below minimum wage, when they pay at all. You’ve had several clients who have reported horrible experiences with this employer and are concerned that this job experience can further damage Gail’s self-esteem and be a potential setback to her progress. Should you tell Gail the truth about her first employer? Should you share her enthusiasm and hope that things work out?

  • Discuss what the ethical dilemma is for you based on the articles read.
  • Discuss what you see as options to consider in this situation and justify your answer using the articles read. (You must use in-text citations when citing the articles to support your statements).



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