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This assignment asks you to come up with original written examples of 25 sociological concepts from Modules 6 through12. The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply abstract sociological concepts to your own life and to the socialworld.Provide an original example of each of the following concepts from your own experiences or from the mass media. Donot use examples from lecture or from the book. Your examples should be specific and detailed. You do not need to givethe abstract definition of the concept; a good example will explain and illustrate the concept. Each answer should bewritten in complete sentences. The total length of your paper should be approximately 3-5 pages.Grading criteria include the originality of the example, the accuracy of the example, and the completeness or detail of theexample. Below are examples of poor and good responses for one concept.CONCEPT: Gender DiscriminationPOOR ANSWER: Being treated unfairly because I am a female.BETTER ANSWER: Once when I was 16, I received a discriminatory letter. Denied me a chance at a job. Because I ama girl.GOOD ANSWER: When I was about 16 years old, I wrote to the FBI to inquire about a career as a field agent. Inresponse, I received a letter which pointed out that I could not apply to be an agent because women were never hired asfield agents. FBI management believed only men could do that job.1. In-groups2. Group dynamics3. Reference Group4. Hierarchy of Authority in a Bureaucracy5. Peter Principle6. Ritualism7. Deviance8. Control Theory9. White Collar Crime10. Labeling Theory11. Status symbols12. Social Class and Friendships and Relationships13. The A American DreamA14. Petty Bourgeoisie15. Structural Mobility16. Globalization17. Imperialism18. Nongovernmental Organizations19. Gender Stratification20. Glass Ceiling21. Patriarchy22. Sexual Harassment23. Racism24. Discrimination25. Multiculturalism

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sociological concept scavenger hunt | Browse Solutions
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