sociology deviance/crime five newspaper/ magazine/articles

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sociology deviance/crime five newspaper/ magazine/articles
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Your assignment here is to compile FIVE newspaper or magazine articles or news stories presented during the evening news or online (or wherever!) related to deviance or crime. You will compile five links (either from articles or clips) for me to explore. Students completing this assignment should:

  1. Find at least five newspaper or magazine articles or news clips dealing with deviance/crime/criminal justice. Examples of appropriate articles include: new stories about specific incidents, stories about issues or controversies related to deviance/crime/criminal justice, editorials about criminal justice or deviance in the newspaper, or newspaper coverage of how various political candidates deal with deviance or crime.
  2. In your paper, include the five links and your personal reaction to each article. Reactions should be approximately half of a page (double-spaced) for each of the five articles. In each reaction, you need to connect the topic in the media account with something that you have learned in the course. For example, you might critique a newspaper’s editorial on prostitution or drug us or child molestation in light of what you’ve learned in this class. It is important to demonstrate mastery of course material in the reactions. Do not just summarize the articles. One implication is that you may not wish to analyze an article about a topic until we have covered that topic in class.


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