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The writing assignment should have the following subheadings in the body of the paper, and they should be centered and bolded: Summary, Response, Opinion. Keep the sections with sub-headings distinct from one another.
§ Summary: Provide a summary on chapter-4 “Families and Social Class” in The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change discussion on Educational Inequality. There should be 1-in-text citation and 1-direct quote in the summary section of the paper.
§ Response: Provide a response to the summary: This means you have to provide outside material and summarize it, but the outside material has to discuss Educational Inequality. The outside material should be a book, scholarly article, or newspaper article. However, if you provide a newspaper article please make sure the article is a reputable source (e.g. Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, or The New York Times). There should be 1-in-text citation and 1-direct quote in the response section of the paper.
§ Opinion: In this section of the paper you are allowed to voice your opinion with regards to the chapter’s discussion and the outside material on Educational Inequality. You can write in first person in this section of the paper, in my opinion, or I believe.

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Sociology Question | Browse Homework
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