Socrates argument in Crito and Apology, consistent or contradicting?

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Socrates argument in Crito and Apology, consistent or contradicting?
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” In the Apology , Socrates seems to insist that even if ordered to by the court he would not give up the practice of Philosophy. Moreover, he points to cases where he disobeyed orders of Athenian rulers. In the Crito, on the other hand, he argues that to escape from prison would be to wrong the Laws of Athens and so would be itself wrong. Outline what you take Socrates to be committed to in each case and discuss the relations between them. Are these two stances consistent with one another?”

2350 words minimum.Cite Apology and Crito.

Use following outline: Para 1- intro, para 2- outline argument in apology, explain commitment, para 3- outline argument on Crito, explain commitment, para 4- discuss relation between them, para 5- are they consistent with each other, para 6- why/why not.

Add any extra paragraphs you may deem necessary, I just need those 6 for sure in the essay.


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