SOCY 100 6380 Introduction to Sociology | Get Quick Solution

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SOCY 100 6380 Introduction to Sociology | Get Quick Solution
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Social Movement Essay

For Project #2, you will analyze a social movement from a sociological perspective. In other words, your Project 2 papers will entail an analysis of a Collective Action whether it is a social movement or a riot.

In week 7, you will read concepts and theories and answer Discussion questions about social change and social movements, which will be helpful to you when you write your second project. The following website provides some good theories on Social movements relevant to this project:

The paper should be 3-4 pages not including the title and reference page.

For this paper, you are expected to research and select a contemporary (20 century, the civil rights movement is okay), and not historical collective action or a social movement.

Select any type of collective action (e.g., riots, panics) or social movement (e.g., civil rights, animal rights, environmental rights, gay rights movements (Stonewall), Occupy Wall Street; Freddie Gray protests (Baltimore), Michael Brown (Ferguson, Missouri), Trayvon Martin(Florida) protest/riots, Black Lives Matter, Arab Spring -Collective Movement in Egypt’s Tahrir Square that was a part of Arab Uprisings; and 2014 Euro-Maidan movements in Kyiv, Ukraine, etc.), of interest to you.

Prepare a 3 to a 4-page description of the collective action or social movement, and also provide a sociological explanation of your selected action or movement. This means, in your paper, you have to include the sociological terms, theories, and/or research that you think apply with your topic and then explain how these apply. The main purpose of this paper is to use the open resources, and related chapters to the social movement, and bring in your analysis of the events using a sociological perspective. In other words, do NOT just describe the social movement but analyze it using your sociological theories. While doing so, please look at the rubric (table) in your syllabus for guidelines.

While working on this project, make sure that you pay attention to these points below:

  1. Your paper needs to have “an introduction” and a “conclusion.”
  2. Then, you need to briefly introduce (introduction part in your paper) your collective action in 2-3 paragraphs, and explain why you selected this particular topic. In your opinion, why is this collective action is sociologically important?
  3. In your opinion, what are the root causes of this collective movement?
  4. Discuss at least 10 concepts and/or theories from our course that can be applied to shed light on aspects of your selected social movement. Please underline these concepts, explain them well, and then apply them to specific aspects of the movement. For this, you need to list sociological terms, concepts and theories, sociological perspectives, or social research findings that are applicable for this particular action.
  5. Conclusion (1 paragraph): Draw together the ideas from your paper in an interesting way that gives the reader insight into what you have learned from analyzing this social movement from a sociological perspective.
  6. You must cite your sources and include a reference list of the sources you used in APA style. You can review the guidelines for citing sources in APA style here:
  7. For more information about the APA format, see http//
  8. You need to use at least three scholarly sources. One of these sources may be the course textbook but you need to include at least three additional scholarly sources.

This is your second project and so please be very careful with the introduction, conclusion, APA style, and other important aspects.


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