ssda325-law of armed conflict short essay wk 3

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ssda325-law of armed conflict short essay wk 3
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Instructions: Answer the two short-essay questions below. Each answer should be either one or two paragraphs, as indicated. A paragraph is considered to be 6-8 sentences.

Format: Use 12-point font with one-inch margins all around. Single-space your lines within the paragraphs but double-space between paragraphs. Ensure your name and the identification of the assignment is on all uploaded documents. APA Citations.

Sources: You must place verbatim material from the text, internet, or any other third-party source in quotation marks and cite its source. You must also cite your source if you use information from a source even if you don’t put that information in a quote. Use APA citation format. Include a list of your references after each answer. You may use resources other than the required course readings for your answers.

  1. Why has the United States not yet ratified Additional Protocols I and II? How does the lack of ratification affect, if at all, compliance by the United States with the provisions of Addtional Protocol I and Additional Procol II? Please type a two-paragraph response.
  2. What is the Martens Clause and how is it reflected in Additional Protocol I and Additional Protocol II? Please type a one paragraph response.


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