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InstructionsIn this area please upload your strategy concept proposal. Once your proposal is approved you may begin working on your presentation.
Students are asked to submit a 1. topic proposal and 2. a presentation on a strategy topic of their choice. Upon approval of your topic proposal, you will submit your presentation. Sample topics:
The concept of strategic formulationThe case study model and introduction to the simulationImplementation principlesCompetitive advantageStructure and process in strategyStrategy and behavioral implicationsStrategy for the Service IndustryStrategy for ManufacturingTechnology and InnovationEnvironmental ForcesStrategic Planning and Policy
Select a Strategy Topic
Submit a 1 page topic proposal
Once the proposal is accepted start working on your presentation.
Students will submit a “narrated ” 5-10 minute presentation (Strategy Concept Presentation) regarding their approved topic (youtube, google slides ect.
I will be needing 1 page proposal, slides presentation,

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Strategy concept proposal | Browse Solutions
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