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Study One Literature Review | Get Quick Solution
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i have added the instructions, example, checklist, and articles.

For Paper I, start the paper broadly and then narrow your focus (think about the hourglass example provided in the lecture). My suggestion is to give a brief overview of your paper topic in your opening paragraph, hinting at the research variables that you plan to look at for study one. Your next paragraphs will review prior research (that is, the five references required for this paper). Make sure that you draw connections between these references rather than just listing them. Use smooth transitions between paragraphs, and build a case that supports your study predictions. Your final paragraphs will use the research you just summarized to support your research hypothesis. And yes, that means you MUST include your study one predictions in Paper I (which we provided in the researcher instructions and the debriefing statement. Use them!). A good hint is to look at the literature reviews on the articles that you are using as references as you write your own paper! See what those authors did in their literature reviews, and mimic their style, though in Paper I you will with your hypothesis rather than moving into your study methods. In Paper II, you will pick the topic up again and discuss your study methods. Paper I merely leads up to your study design.


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