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Reply to the two postings comment upon their product, giving them ideas and suggestions.

1. My invention would be a car seat warmer for toddlers. My garage has zero insulation so it gets very cold at night. In the morning before school my four year old always complains her rear-end is cold. I feel guilty my car seats have seat warmers and her toddler seat does not. I am always on the go or in a rush so I do not have the time to warm up my car while we are getting dressed or ready. I imagine this would work out on our long road trips as well because my husband is always hot so we don’t always have the heater running. It would be nice to accommodate all passengers even our little ones. I am aware this is absolutely a first world problem.

2. My product is the Cozy Arched Pillow

I seek to rest my back, shoulders neck and head at just the right angle with the cozy arched pillow. I think of its design to find harmony and balance between softness and support to elevates the upper-body into the perfect alignment to provide the stress relief needed at the end of the day. Also to provide the rest needed at any angle.

I thought about this pillow because I have not been able to find the right pillow that provides the rest I need. While most of the pillows rather have a really soft pillow. I need a pillow with a solid bottom and softness top. I thought about the arched designed providing space to allow spooning positions to provide space in the right angle to stretch the arm. Even if is not popular or profitable. I thought about a product I need.


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