summary of puppy federalism | Get Quick Solution

I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

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summary of puppy federalism | Get Quick Solution
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I attached the article down below but if it doesn’t work please let me know. Read the ‘Puppy Federalism’ article. According to Rubin we no longer need federalism. Please summarize Rubin, focusing on the questions below:

  1. Why did Rubin think we needed federalism in the first place and why don’t we need it any longer?
  2. Would Madison agree with Rubin as to the original purpose of federalism? In order to be able to answer this you must explain what Madison believed to be the original purposes of federalism so you can then compare and contrast the two authors.

1 page, 12 point font, double spaced

*Page lengths are SUGGESTIONS. If you are a concise writer you may write less or you may write more, without penalty. The important part is to thoroughly answer ALL parts of the homework assignment. So points are not awarded just because you write a lot.

*Answer ALL parts of the question. Most essay prompts have multiple components. No matter how well you answer a part of the question, if you don’t answer the entire question, you won’t get all the points.

*Full credit answers will demonstrated a thorough understanding of the readings or the assignment. The way to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the material is to always err on the side of explaining more, not less. Make sure you define terms, even if you think I know what they mean. I want to see that you know what they mean. Give examples, use quotes, apply what you have read.

*Integrate lectures and the material. They are supposed to be integrated! I don’t give you homework because I want to keep you busy. I give you assignments that will help you apply things learned in lecture. Always listen to the PowerPoints before you start on the homework so you will know if there is something in lecture that applies to the homework. A great answer that does not reference lecture if appropriate will not get full credit.

A note about quotes: DO NOT USE QUOTES unless you plan to put the quote in your own words and explain the importance. In other words, homework assignments should have your voice in it.


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