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Support group attendance reaction paper | Get Quick Solution
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This assignment is designed to help you explore the field of addictions treatment outside the classroom. Students will attend a minimum of two different 12-step based and/or other support group meetings (e.g., SMART Recovery). Each student will submit a 5 page paper written in narrative form describing their reactions to the meetings and their beliefs concerning the relevance of self-help groups in benefitting clients with addiction issues. Read, incorporate into the assignment and reference the article entitled “Students’ Reactions to Attending 12-Step Meetings: Implications for Counselor Education in your paper. The authors are Shari M. Sias & Lloyd R. Goodwin, Jr. and the article was published in the April 2007 (27th Volume) of the Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling. It is preferable that you not disclose you are a student when you attend one of these meetings. When you disclose you are a student participants may respond to you differently. It’s helpful for you to have an experience similar to what a client will have when attending such meetings. However, if you are asked, then do not lie.


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