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Teen Media Experience | Get Quick Solution
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Summary: Write 2-3 page written report about teens and media.

Description: Explore the types and forms of media that influence and shape adolescent youth ( Examples: magazines, TV programs, software games, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc Stuff that you wouldn’t read/watch but young adults would, and think about the technology that drives a lot of these things, i.e., phones, tablets, ) Although, you may have personal interest in some of the media forms, select something youth would be interested in and research and critically analyze this specific media selection and discuss the influential implications this has on the adolescent. Include in your paper why knowing about this form of media and its potential impact on youth is important for teachers. What do your peers say about your topic in the reflections?


You are expected to incorporate into your assignments contributions from your peers from the reflection postings. Doing so is not as difficult as it sounds. On the second slide below I have circled the search bar located in the upper right hand corner. The search bar is there on every forum.

Our topic/Assignment for session #2 was about “Puberty” . Lets say that you have decided to write about poor/low self-esteem or self-image during puberty and the importance placed on “good looks” etc., the role acne played during puberty. It would be CRAZY for me to expect you to recall or remember every one of your peers that wrote something about acne in their reflections. All you need to do is put a KEY word in the search bar and as slide #3 below, 10 of your peers had something to say that included the word acne. No doubt this search process will help you identify your peers who have something to say! Incorporating their contribution as per our scoring rubric just became easier!

1. Several of my peers said in this sessions reflections…..

2. Michael said this in his reflection ……..

Jill and Tony both had this to say and wrote about it in their reflection…….

example from proffesor


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