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OptiGuard, Inc.: Series A-Round Term Sheet
Susan Chaplinsky
“The typical term sheet for a VC investment contains a host of LEGAL provisions designed to protect the VALUE of an investor’s capital.”
1) How attractive is the company to potential investors?
2) Does this term sheet favor MANNIX or the VC Investor?
3) If you were MANNIS, would you accept the offer as proposed, or attempt to negotiate terms of the offer? Which adjustments would you make?
4) Before the Series A round, what is Optiguards POST MONEY Value?
AFTER the Series A round, what is the Pre and Post money value if the offer is accepted as Proposed?
5) What are the implications of WVP if another investor offers to provide OptiGuard an additional $7.8 million in equity after the Series A round at a price of $8.00/share?? $3.00/Share?

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term sheet | Browse Solutions
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