The Constitution Assignment read and answer two questions | Get Quick Solution

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The Constitution Assignment read and answer two questions | Get Quick Solution
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First, make sure you’ve read – The Constitution – AG_Lenz and Holman_Ch 2.pdf. from the book that’s attached its chapter 2 and then view the PBS Crash Courses on the Constitution: Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances <> and Constitutional Compromises. <>

Next, read the United States Constitution <>.Think about the way the Constitution is constructed, the separation of powers, checks and balances, and other provisions.

The answers for the questions below must be at least two paragraphs each and must include quotes and citations to support your answers

1. If democracy, among other things, means that the people hold power and have the ability to see their interests reflected in both offices and policy, then what aspects of the Constitution might prevent the people from gaining a majority and capture government power?

Finally, reflect on the problem of majority tyranny.

2. Do you think the founders were right to worry about this prospect and write in protections that might work too, as Madison says in Federalist 10: “secure the public good and private rights against…faction, and at the same time preserve the spirit and the form of popular government.”?


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