The Goal Setting and Degree Plan Assignment | Get Quick Solution

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The Goal Setting and Degree Plan Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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Instructions: For this assignment, create two SMART goals AND a degree plan.

Part I: Two SMART goals

Step 1: Your task is to create one academic SMART goal and one additional SMART goal for one of the areas below (your choice):

  • Academic (mandatory)
  • Career
  • Personal
  • Financial

Step 2: Review the SMART goal setting guidelines in Chapter 1.

Step 3: Download the SMART goal worksheet (click here)


Step 4: Complete the chart with information from your two goals.

Step 5: Review the example provided. Your goals should be based on your original thoughts and goals. Do NOT simply modify the example by making minor and superficial changes.

Part II: Degree Plan

Step 1: Your task is to plan out a semester-by-semester degree plan by completing the Degree Plan worksheet (Download HERE)



Step 2: Log into your Student System ( to an external site.) and check your assigned advisor’s name and contact information. If an advisor has not been assigned, simply enter N/A in the spaces provided on the worksheet.

Step 3: Look up the HCC degree plan for your selected program:

* To receive credit for this assignment, transfer students are only required to use the general HCC degree plans [either Associate in Science (AS) or Associate of Arts (AA) in Multidisciplinary Studies degree] listed in the link above. However, if transfer students are interested in creating a more precise plan tied to a major, they MAY consider using the specific AA/AS degree plans listed in the Academic Division, Business, Engineering, Computer Science, and Visual & Performing Arts sections at to an external site..

Step 4: Decide the number of courses to be taken each semester and when to take those courses based on your own timeframe. Copy the course information from the HCC degree plan selected and paste it to the worksheet provided. Plan until you transfer or until you graduate from HCC. Please be reminded:

  • You are NOT required to specify the course numbers of your electives. Simply copy and paste the information as listed (e.g. HIST #3##: American History Elective).
  • A prerequisite (e.g. ENGL 1301: Composition I) must be completed before taking an advanced course (e.g. ENGL 1302: Composition II)
  • A co-requisite (e.g. BIO 1306: Biology of Science – Lecture) must be taken at the same time as another course (e.g. BIO 1106: Biology of Science – Lab).

Step 5: Review the example provided. Click Here


Step 6: Submit BOTH parts of this assignment. You may submit one or two separate documents.

Note: The degree plan submitted is NOT your official education plan. This exercise is meant to provide you with an opportunity to explore different programs available so that you are empowered to create a personalized plan specific to your unique needs. Upon completing the degree plan assignment, you are highly encouraged to consult with your assigned advisor to verify that the courses selected align with your academic/career goals. The advisor can also help you with choosing specific elective courses based on university requirements. ( to an external site.).

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