The Health Emergency Response Team HERT Discussion 200 words each with references Post one: The health field has different department specialists that ha | Homework Answers

The Health Emergency Response Team HERT Discussion 200 words each with references

Post one:

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The Health Emergency Response Team HERT Discussion 200 words each with references Post one: The health field has different department specialists that ha | Homework Answers
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The health field has different department specialists that handle the most critical tasks. The Health Emergency Response Team (HERT) is one of the special units in the medical area, and the Emergency Management Program Manager will be found in this team. Below are crucial competencies for the EMPM:

Communication and Cooperation

Communication gets things done. Effective communication skill is crucial for the EMPM since it has to pass meaningful, concise and clear messages to the rest of the team members. Also during training, missions and sometimes communicating to the public needs effective communication skills. Cooperation skills are important in such a team. Cooperation is unity and unity is power. The EMPM should not be biased, despising or neglecting but should be diplomatic, promoting peace and unity in the team (Barbera. et al., 2017).

Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

The EMPM is a director with many obligations and responsibilities. Management as a field of its own needs critical thinking and ability to make sound decisions. The social, economic and health issues surround the EMPM. Creativity and analyzing ability will help in decision making since the emergency itself is a critical issue that needs clear directions that may not bring negative effects. Saving lives from critical situations call for a proper course of actions with proper decisions made after critical thinking (Barbera. et al., 2017).

Time Management and Organization

Managing time and being organized increases efficiency in tackling different. There will always be various tasks that need to be sorted out at scheduled times. Planning, organizing and prioritizing tasks of higher importance in time will save lives during emergencies. Failure to manage time, organize events and course of actions, will lead to a large workload that cannot be tackled simultaneously; hence everything will fail. Time is a crucial resource in the field and organization is a function of managers (Barbera. et al., 2017). Such skills are therefore vital to the EMPM.

To conclude, I consider the three competencies the most important for the EMPM because effective communication gets thing done the right way. Cooperation works in teamwork and means pulling together. Critical thinking and decision making facilitates smooth running of operations when time is well managed and thing properly organized. The three skills are pillars of all managers.


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Post Two:

The emergency management system required specific skills and knowledge that need to be mastered by all individuals from all levels of the chain of command. Indeed, the level of experience will play an important role to master these skills and knowledge. First and foremost, in the emergency management system, all individuals must be able to think outside of the box. Especially in case of disaster when no one can predict what is coming next or what are the challenges that might have influences on the whole operation. In this situation, the need for critical thinking skills rises among all staff and managers to be able to defeat the challenges and to consider the alternatives. Therefore, they would need to possess strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to make rational decisions in a time of stress and chaos. The existence of this skill will enable them to come up with some creative solutions for future problems. Furthermore, mastering critical thinking skills will allow first responders, public safety, and security personnel to determine where their assistance is most needed as well as enable them to deal in an unbiased and effective manner.

Moreover, as another crucial skill that should be mastered among emergency managers and all individuals who participate in the emergency operation plan is effective communication. Of course, communication is a skill that cannot be overstated in importance when it comes to emergency management services. The need for effective communication is evident during the process of emergency operation plan, especially when dealing with a large number of individuals and staff. For instance, effective communication with agency representatives, emergency personnel, and the public during training, drills, planning, and actual emergencies to ensure the whole operation is going in the right direction. As well as, effective communication and cooperation among emergency managers and staff will enhance the possibility of a positive outcome. Also, a certain level of diplomacy is required to bring people together and to unify their efforts to get the job done.

Last but not least, as another essential skill in emergency manager life is the proper time management. Undoubtedly, with all obligations and tasks, we should put in mind the necessity of the time management to prioritize and decide tasks are of higher importance. Being organized will help us to sort through all of the details to maintain efficiency and to maximize how much we accomplish as an essential thing to do is to link the required tasks with the time frame to ensure that the goal that we set is achievable. Furthermore, as emergency managers, we should be able to shift gears and move on to another task and therefore, with proper time management and organizing our work we will be able to overcome the obstacles and be satisfied with the outcome. And to reach such a level of satisfaction, it is critical to master all these skills.


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