the mass media

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the mass media
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Media literacy refers to the ability to discern the messages conveyed by the mass media (including print ads, TV commercials, news reports, movies, TV shows, and web sites), to identify the underlying assumptions those messages reveal, and to understand the goals of the media producers. It requires critical thinking skills to uncover the underlying intent of media messages and to expose efforts to influence our conscious or unconscious choices and beliefs. For this discussion, select from any media listed above and view or read the media. Carefully note the following:

  1. Whatfeelingsdoes the commercial, news report, or Web site try to create in you?
  2. Whatbeliefsdoes it assume you have?
  3. Whatcritical thinking skillsdid you use to determine this?
  4. Please include the link or tell us which form of media you read or viewed.


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