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The New Deal | Get Quick Solution
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Watch the following three videos on the Great Depression and New Deal.

1) This video is a general overview of the Great Depression and New Deal, mostly narrated using stories from those who lived during the Depression or relaying stories heard from relatives. It gets into FDR’s death towards the end, but keep watching as there is some more information after. The video is blank for the first few seconds, but it does work! (Links to an external site.)

2) A very short video on the issues African Americans (and really all minorities) faced during the Great Depression. You’ll note from the previous video, this states African Americans faced discrimination in New Deal programs. Overall this is true, although the WPA was probably the program with the least amount of issues regarding discrimination. (Links to an external site.)

3) Another short video on Mexican/Mexican American “repatriation” during the Great Depression. (Links to an external site.)

Questions: What points were emphasized in the stories in the first video? (Think focus on food, work, money, clothing, housing, etc.) Give a couple of examples. What were some of the issues minorities faced during the Great Depression and New Deal? Students should cite from at least two of the videos.

General Requirements: Your first post must answer the above question in 150-200 words (1-2 paragraphs). You must make this post before you will be able to read other posts or reply to other students. This part is worth 15 points. After your first post, respond to another student. You might add some more information, present another point of view, or add to their discussion in some other way. This post should be 50-100 words and is worth 5 points. Both posts must be submitted by 11:59pm. You need to reference at least 2 documents in your posts, but do not have to include direct quotes. Use parenthetical citations for your references. A reminder to be respectful to other students when posting.


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