Theories of Crime- Powerpoint slide- student created lecture

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Theories of Crime- Powerpoint slide- student created lecture
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Create one powerpoint slide about

Behavior genetics

you may use my chegg account to access the chapter…


Also, I need a brief statement explaining what Behavior genetics is so i can speak for about 3 minutes over the slide and explain what is in the slide. make sure whatever you give me to speak about sounds like i understand the material, and it is using simple words nothing that makes me look like i’m reading out of a book.

-Make sure that when you create the powerpoint slide you include an image representing behavior genetics. and very minimal words.

The words are what i will speak over the slide with explaining what behavior genetics in Bio-social theories is.

Bio-Social Theories

The authors review the development of the early Positivist theories, where a major emphasis on science and measurement characterized the movement. This week we look at biosocial risk factors. The authors have organized the theories based on four factors that are most closely linked to criminal behavior accordingy to this perspective: biological factors (hormone levels), genetic factors (MAOA gene), the brain (fetal alcohol syndrome) and the environment (nature or nuture?) We also talk about protective factors – those are the things that protects us from delinquency, like intelligence and empathy. Some of the research in this area leads us to think about identifying a genetic marker from crime – what if that existed? Seems to me that biosocial theorists have some serious consequences to consider.


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