Thesis, introductions, conclusions and transitions.

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Thesis, introductions, conclusions and transitions.
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A group of paragraphs in an essay that develops ONE idea is called a _________

The sentence that introduces a section is called a ________ sentence.

The paragraphs in a section each have their own ________ sentences that support the section topic

Words or phrases that act like bridges in connecting ideas in a paragraph or paragraphs are called ____________

Traditionally a thesis of an essay is located at the __________of the intro paragraph

Six ways to raise interest in an intro paragraph would be ____________________, ________________, _________________, ______________, ______________,and ___________________

“In this paper, I am writing about…” is an example of mistake in writing a thesis. That mistake is___________________ a thesis

Splitting of a thesis can simply be caused by the use of the words __________ and


A conclusion technique that goes beyond the traditional summary is to _________________


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