this ia a research paper please pay a lot of attention | Get Quick Solution

I’m trying to study for my Sociology course and I need some help to understand this question.

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this ia a research paper please pay a lot of attention | Get Quick Solution
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already finished exercise1 2&3

only need to do the last part proposal paper

Final Paper –You will submit an approximately 16 page paper based on your critical analyses and synthesis of empirical studies, and proposed project to further investigate your research topic. The paper will include the following: I. Introduction II. Literature Review III. Method and Data Analysis proposal V. Discussion and Conclusions. Detailed guidelines are provided following.


  1. The final course paper is to be approximately sixteen pages, double-spaced, typewritten paper. See Writing Guidelines for specifics. It will be structured as outlined below.
  2. References. A minimum of six references of empirical studies on your topic as specified in Exercise 1.
  3. Format. The paper is to be written in ASA style in three ways:
  1. Bibliographic references at end of paper
  2. Use of references in text
  3. Use of headings – major headings are centered and in capital letters, sub-headings are in lower case letters, underlined, and to the left side.

should be 20 pages long


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